Stagg Street Studio

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Great Room + Great Mics + Great Gear = Great Music

Stagg Street Studio control room - Click to Enlarge

Home to a vintage API console consisting of two sections. The original 32 channels section has 554 semi-parametric EQs and the 16 channel fully integrated sidecar is equipped with 550 stepped EQs. Both offer the mega-headroom 312 mic preamps. Get that legenday API sound on all of your tracks with 32 inputs to Pro Tools (10 & 11) or to the 24 track Studer A827, 2” analog tape machine.

Stagg Street Studio tracking roomClick to Enlarge

The studio is designed with three isolated areas surrounding the main room and is an ideal setting for live ensemble tracking.

Stagg Street Studio tracking room 

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Stagg Street Studio tracking room 

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There are windows to each room so everyone can have good visual contact and with a 16 channel personal headphone mixers you can get your cue mix just right. Put that together with great mics, a beautiful Yamaha grand piano and our many years of experience and you have a combination that ensures a positive recording experience. Call us to schedule an appointment to see the studio.



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